Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

"Awesome Design Contracting and Plumbing" or Call us "Awesome Plumbing!" 

Awesome Design Contracting is a full plumbing business as well! We are License Plumbers in the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago. We have a whole seperate plumbing website providing detail plumbing work, specials, pictures and more! Check out our website at

Awesome Plumbing is ran by the same owner and same employees. We branched out to "Awesome Plumbing" to highlight our plumbing services. All the phone numbers, fax, and email addresses are the same as the ones listed on this website. We offer a 24/7, 365 days a year plumbing services. Anytime day or night when there is a plumbing emergency, DO NOT hesitate to give us a call. We are told we have the lowest service call fee around as well as hour hourly rate. Awesome Plumbing has been around the block and back and knows how some plumbers can do business. We are NOT one of those plumbing companies where we over price you, tell you that you need more work done then you actually do or give you a low estimate price and later keep adding to your estiamte. Our estimates are NOT open ended. Once you sign with us, the price remains the same throughout the entire job (unless customer adds more work or a hidden problem arises that could not have been seen prior). All in all, we are a honest business looking to have our customers call us back if another problem arises. 

Our Awesome Plumbing wesite is very detailed of all the plumbing services we provide, here are a few listed below!:

AwPl_Front Page Logo_4 Plumbing Services

Basement Flood Repair
Broken Pipe
Cast Iron Drain Repair
Catch Basin
Clean Out Access
Clean Out Grease Traps
Drain Rodding
Ejector Pump
Emergency Sewer Repair
Emergency Water Repair
Faucets Installation
Faucet Repairs
Fix Broken Pipes
Flood Disaster
Frozen Pipe
Furnace Installation
Furnace Services
Gas Repair & Services
Home Inspections
Hydro Jetting (Safest way*)

Jet Sewer Lines
Leak Detection
Over Head Sewer
Repiping Water Lines
Sewer Cleaning 
Sewer Jetting
Sump Pump Service
Thaw out Frozen Pipes
Unfreeze a Pipe w/ Jetter
Water Heater Service

These are just a FEW of the services we provide. Click on our Plumbing Services to find out more!

*All service calls will be a charge*