Full Access Cabinets

Omega Full Access Cabinets *No Front Frame*

                For no UP CHARGE!

We like to offer our customers as many options as we can to have them receive the "ultimate" cabinet. The Full Access Line gives you a beautiful frame less cabinet gaining a smooth contemporary look with extra space. Omega custom cabinetry or Dynasty semi-custom cabinetry both offer this design for no upcharge! Since this is a frame less cabinet, you receive a full overlay door style with no center stile (only center stile is neccessary if cabinet is over 36" wide). There is many door styles to choose from and unlimited of stains, paints, and effects. If you take a look below at both frame less cabinets, you will see that the draw base is a bit wider then the one with a frame. You gain that extra space that is needed especially with 12" or 15" width cabinets. The other picture on the right shows that having base frame less cabinets allows a top shelf to fully extend the full 24" depth. This comes in handy when you are storing alot of, pots or pans, lets say. Since this style is at NO up-charge, there is no reason to not have your mind set!  

Frame and FramlessFrame and Framless_3Frame and Framless_2Framless Wall CabinetFramless Vanity


Lighting Fixtures For Bathrooms, Kitchens or Anywhere In Your Home!

The detail we put into all our remodels, additions or the custom homes we build, are not complete without gorgeous, to your taste, lighting fixtures. We have many brands to choose from giving our clients the variety for classic, modern, traditional, restoration, one of a kind fixtures. Light fixtures for bathrooms, kitchens, and throughout your home is essential for design. It will maximize your features and add just the right amount of touch. Being able to correspond your lighting to your design is key. 

Below are a few lines that can help determine what style you may like as well as what style of fixture you dont like. A few helpful tips are to determine what style you are going for which will lead you to what finish you need. Or vise versa! You can also go by what you have already in your space. For example, if you are looking for a bathroom vanity light and you already have a chrome faucet, stainless steel sink, chrome knobs on vanity; your direction should be towards fixtures with a chrome finish. Going with brass or bronze tones will mix-match. Choosing lighting can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you through it all. We are here to educate you on all the possibilities and help you determine what looks best!

Awesome Design Contracting likes you mae sure we give our customers the full experience of a One Stop Shop. We offer everything from your floorings to your ceiling and simple items like hardware or bath accessories. There is not one thing that we cannot supply for you or direct you in the right direction.  From our plumbing side to our custom kitchen designing, we will not stop unless you are fully satisfied. Please do not hesistate to call with any questions, concerns or information. 

Enjoy and check out some of the lines below!

X_Dolan Designs X_Elk Lighting Creativity Fixtures X_Golden Lighting Fixtures

X_Hinkley Lighting Fixtures

X_Wac Lighting Fixtures

Install a Generator

Install GeneratorInstall a Generator

Need someone to Install Generator? Awesome Design Contracting has been buying and installing Briggs & Stratton and GE Generators for years. We are license and certified to install and service generators. When you are looking to buy a generator, please call us! Since we are a distributor for Briggs and GE, we are ablet to solve any problems that arise. We also will be your one phone call away for any warranty issues you come across. We also will be your reminder ever year that it is time to service your generator. Buying a generator from us lets you sit back and relax. You will have no issues worring about the order, deleivery, installtion, extra material, electrical and gas hook ups, etc. We take the first and last actions of buying and having it installed. 

Buying a Generator Elsewhere

If you took the route to buy a generator elsewhere but still need us to install Generator, you got it! We cannot warranty any material (Generator) but we can Install Generator for you. If you had the misfortune to hire a plumber to Install Generator but they did not complete the job; call us! We had our 2nd call (this winter) needing Awesome Design to come out and Install your Generator because the first person they hired did not do the job right. 

Any problems or questions you have, Contact Us any day or night and we would be happy to help!



Sink Pipe Froze

My Sink Pipe Froze

This winter may not be a white winter, but it already has us at record freezing tempatures. "My Sink Pipe froze" is one of the most common calls we receive in the weather. If your Sink Pipe Froze, immeditly try to heat up the pipes under the sink. The best solutions you can use is a blow dryer or space heater. If your Sink Pipe Froze and you do not take care of the situation, you are at risk for that pipe to burst. When pipes freeze the water inside will keep expanding causing pipes to burst. Most large pipes that break for this reason have not frozen completly. This causes a flood adding more expensives to your pocketbook. 

If your Sink Pipe Froze and you are unable to unfreeze it, give us a call. We have a 24/7 hr Plumbing Service. No need to wait till the morning!


Jetting Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Pipes

American Jetting has become the replacement for Rodding. Since Rodding can tear up the inside of pipes and cause cracks or breakage; people are Jetting instead. Jetting is a high power hose that shoots water out forward and backwards. (A Rodder only shoots forward.) This high pressure water guides the hose directly straight down the pipe with a little help from the worker to push it through. This high pressure water is 100% safe to your pipes, but stroung enough to break up tree roots that have came through. 

Awesome Plumbing has been Jetting our customers pipes since we were able to get our hands on this machien. We have yet to come across a pipe that we couldn't push through. We also saved a few customers that were told (by another plumbing company) their pipe is broken and they need to replace it. After Jetting their pipe, it was known that the "break" they seen on the camra was a piece of debris. This actually happens alot with video inspection. Like a surgen, you cannot know exactly what it is until you open it up. 

Next time you have a backup in your toliet or your grease trap at your resturant is not draining, give us a call. We will hope that it is only a blockage and save you alot of money. 




Rodding is out, Jetting is in!

Rodding sewer lines and grease traps have been the method to clean pipes for many years. The effects after Rodding is starting to surface. What Rodding does is thrusting a long hose down your pipes that shoots out water. This is suppose to push or break up any blackage that may be causing your pipes to back up. What people have been starting to notice is the rough movement and untaimed motion the rodder uses is actually hurting the pipe. The kind of force that is hitting the pipes has been over time cracking or breaking away the inside. It has been heard that the reason why many people are starting to have cracks or broken pipes is from Rodding. Do not worry! Techknowlegdy has improved for everyday usage, why wouldnt it improve to plumbing machinery too. The NEW and BETTER "Rodder" is called an American Jetter. It does not harm your pipes, it is more efficient, less time consuming and has a 99% success rate for removing your blockage. 

Click here to read why a Rodder is out, and a Jetter is in!


Sewer Pipe

Sewer Pipe Repair or Replace

Awesome Plumbing is License Plumbers in the State of Illinois and City of Chicago. We are Bonded and Insured as well! All Sewer Pipe repair or Sewer Pipe replacement needs a permit. No "Plumber" can pull a permit without propertly being license. Being that most Sewer Pipe repairs/replacements are a big job, we can send over our insurance. We also have workers comp. too. Another reason why we are "Awesome" Plumbing is that we do not sub-out. All our plumbers work for us. You do not have to worry about paying one person for "this" and another person for "that." All our license, insurance, referals are from Awesome Plumbing. 

Water Leak

Water Leak – Small BUT Future BIG Problem

A Water Leak is one of the main problems in the winter as well as throughout the year. Water Leak in the winter will lead to open air flow that can potentially cause the pipe to freeze. Afrozen pipe will lead to greater damge- pipe breaking! Like most problems, they always start off small. A simple water leak may not cause you annoyance now, but when the winter hits or the leak becomes bigger; you will be in a crisis. Awesome Plumbing is here to help stop any of these problems to rise into a disaster. 

Awesome Plumbing, AKA Awesome Design Contracting; is license plumbers in the State of Illinois and City of Chicago. We are on call 24/7 – 7 days a week. Any emergency you have, we will be at your service. Most plumbing companies will sub-out their plumbers, which for you, is adding more of a headach. You will not be able to deal with one person/company. Finding out correct licenses or figuring out who is insured or bonded will be too late. We are one call away making your plumbing experience easy and smooth. Awesome Plumbing has exact plumbing license (for each person with the correct picture) and we can have our insurance sent to you asap. 

A plumbing problem is something no homeowner ever wants to deal with. Many plumbers will over charge or go the additional length to fixing a problem costing the homeowner $$$$$ when the cost should only be $$. One example we came across was a home owner called asking for a price to dig and replace a sewer line in their front yard. They were told they had a break and inorder to stop having overflow in their toilet, basement etc., they needed to replace the pipe. We went out to her home and jetted her pipe. This problem is commonly mistaken for debris, tree branch, or anykind of blockage. Our Hydro jetter, which is just like rodding but 100X safer for the pipes; pushed out her blockage and she is not having any problems since. We saved her over $7,000.00! Awesome Plumbing is a business not out to cheat anyone or over price our work. We take pride in making our customers happy and satified which makes us keep our customers. 

water leak


Repair Water Line

Repair Water Line

Plumbing Services all day and night! 

Repair Water Line will be a main concern this winter! Whether or not it is because it froze, we can Repair Water Line.

Awesome Design Contracting is a full service Plumbing business too! We are license in the State of Illinois and City of Chicago. Also, we are bonded and insured! We have a plumber on call 24/7 – 7days a week. Call us anytime you have an emergency. We offer many services including, but not limiting: 

Unfreeze Pipes
Frozen Pipe Repair
Warm Up Pipes
Fix Broken Pipes
Install New Pipes
Replace Sump Pump
Install Sump Pump
Fix Hot Water
Install Furnace
Repair Furnace
Jetting Sewer Lines
Jetting Grease Trap
Repair Water Line

Replace Water Lines
New Plumbing in House
New Gas Lines in House
And More!

Visit our website for more information and take advantage or our specials!

Insurance Contractor

Call us for any and all Insurance Claims!

Awesome Design Contracting will work with YOU when filing an insurance claim.

One of the first mistakes a homeowner can make is agreeing with an adjuster on how much their damage is worth. Almost 95% of all adjusters will claim that the damage to your property is not as much as it seems.  They will provide you with contractors that you can choose to work with, but please know that you have the choice to choose whomever you like.

Having an outside contractor estimate the work will provide you with what it really takes to recover and fix your property.  Awesome Design is here to help you with every step. We have been working with customers on insurance claims for years. Being able to provide our licensing, accreditation and experience; insurance companies have to listen. We have succeeded in 98% of our battles with insurance companies to provide our customers with the right amount of money to fix their work. Please call today to set up an estimate.

Don’t Back Down To Insurance Companies. You Paid Them For Years; It’s Time For Them To Pay p!

Please keep in mind that we are an Insurance Contractor that DOES NOT work for the insurance companies. With our experience, licensing, and certifications we are able to fight for what is right! We like to see our customers receive as much as they can from their insurance companies.