Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

Need to Hire a Contractor to Fix The Work Filed On Your Insurance Claim?

Awesome Design is here to help you in receiving the best work to repair or rebuild any damages you have when filling an Insurance Claim.  We do not sub-contract out. You only have to work with us which means no run-arounds!. We provide you with the honest truth of cost for labor and material. We do not under cut the amount of work needed to be done or hire out unlicensed workers to do the work. Our objective is to analyze your problem and make sure you receive the full amount of work that needs to be done in order to have it completed the RIGHT way. We do not work for the Insurance companies. Therefore, you will NOT be subjected to lower pay outs, unlicensed workers, subcontractors and all the other run- arounds you have or will experience. When people file an Insurance claim, they are provided with "contractors, plumbers, electrician etc." by the Insurance company. Please be aware that you DO NOT need to use them. Most of the time their people are unlicensed and unprofessional. Take a look on our "Need To Know" tab and go over all the questions that will help you hire the right professional. Take a look at our Insurance Claim photos and see what beautiful finished work you could have.

Call us today for a detailed insurance claim estimate. Due to the extent of time and detail for an Insurance Claim estimate, a one time fee will be charge. We will credit this amount back if you decide to go with us to do the work.

"We work for you, not the Insurance Company!"


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