Full Access Cabinets

Full Access Cabinets

Omega Full Access Cabinets *No Front Frame*

                For no UP CHARGE!

We like to offer our customers as many options as we can to have them receive the "ultimate" cabinet. The Full Access Line gives you a beautiful frame less cabinet gaining a smooth contemporary look with extra space. Omega custom cabinetry or Dynasty semi-custom cabinetry both offer this design for no upcharge! Since this is a frame less cabinet, you receive a full overlay door style with no center stile (only center stile is neccessary if cabinet is over 36" wide). There is many door styles to choose from and unlimited of stains, paints, and effects. If you take a look below at both frame less cabinets, you will see that the draw base is a bit wider then the one with a frame. You gain that extra space that is needed especially with 12" or 15" width cabinets. The other picture on the right shows that having base frame less cabinets allows a top shelf to fully extend the full 24" depth. This comes in handy when you are storing alot of, pots or pans, lets say. Since this style is at NO up-charge, there is no reason to not have your mind set!  

Frame and FramlessFrame and Framless_3Frame and Framless_2Framless Wall CabinetFramless Vanity

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